Un nombre record de sans-abri infectés

« C’est une tempête sociale à l’intérieur d’une tempête de neige à l’intérieur d’une tempête de santé publique », résume James Hugues, BCL’91.

Challenging “Compelled Speech” Objections: Respectful Forms of Address in Canadian Courts

In a column published in December, Samuel Singer, BCL/LLB’09, LLM’11, addresses objections to recent measures by Canadian courts to prevent the misgendering of courtroom participants.

Inconceivable: My Life-Altering, Eye-Opening Journey from Infertility to Motherhood

Through telling her own journey to motherhood and recounting those of other women, Alex Johnston, BCL’99, LLB’99, explores the complexity of this issue while contextualizing these intimate experiences with rigorous research and investigation.

In race to curb AI algorithm misuse, China is leading the US

“With AI playing a big role in US-China rivalry, how both nations curb the excesses of tech giants and deal with the problems of social media addiction and predatory corporate behaviour is being closely watched”, writes Hannibal El-Mohtar, BCL/LLB’18.

Professional Milestones

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