The Faculty is pleased to announce that Professor Angela Campbell, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies), has published her first book, Sister Wives, Surrogates and Sex Workers—Outlaws by Choice?

Book coverA powerful examination of the complex issues of choice and coercion in the contexts of polygamy, surrogacy and sex work, this book builds on Professor Angela Campbell’s original, SSHRC-funded field research on polygamy in Canada.

In Sister Wives, Surrogates and Sex Workers—Outlaws by Choice?, Campbell analyses law’s approach to these issues in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, and argues that ‘choice-based rhetoric’ offers an impoverished foundation for law and policy discussions circulating around controversial practices and decisions that have strong gender implications.

Instead, Campbell proposes a framework that takes into account the women’s own motivations and objectives for engaging in morally ambiguous practices that relegate them to the margins of law and society.

For more information, view the book’s entry on the Ashgate web site: