This month, several individual Faculty members and alumni reacted to the proposed Quebec Charter of Values in national newspapers. For instance, on September 14, Globe and Mail justice writer Sean Fine assembled an extensive piece, entitled “Is Quebec’s secular charter constitutional? Nine legal experts weigh in.

The experts in question included our own Professor Shauna Van Praagh, former Dean Stephen J. Toope (BCL83, LLB’83), and alumni Hugo Cyr (BCL/LLB’97), Jamie Cameron (BCL’84), and Julius Grey (BCL’71). [Download the Globe and Mail article  as a PDF file here.]

Here are a trio of other recent opinion pieces on the subject:

* Professor Shauna Van Praagh’s August 22 Globe and Mail op-ed, “Distinguishing Quebec as Closed-Minded,”  Download the Van Praagh article [.pdf].

* Professor Margaret Somerville’s August 28 Ottawa Citizen op-ed,  “The Fine Line between Utopia and Dystopia,” Download the Somerville op-ed [.pdf].

* William Dawson Scholar Robert Leckey’s September 19 Montreal Gazette op-ed,  “Quebec should be as tolerant of religious diversity as it has been of sexual orientation,” co-written with Robert Wintemute, a professor of human rights law at King’s College London. Download the Leckey-Wintemute op-ed [.pdf].