En 2017, la Faculté a partagé 32 annonces officielles, plus de 40 articles dans six numéros de notre magazine électronique Focus online, 65 photos sur Instagram, 421 billets sur Facebook et plus de 700 tweets. Retour sur les histoires les plus aimées et les plus partagées de 2017.

Top 5 des articles dans Focus online

  1. Helena Lamed Seven for the SCC
  2. Interview with Manuel Shacter, BCL’47
  3. Concours de plaidoirie 2017
  4. Teaching Indigenous Legal Traditions
  5. Helena Lamed receives Durnford Teaching Excellence Award

Top 5 des albums photos dans Focus online

  1. La collation des grades 2017
  2. Les Retrouvailles 2017 en photo
  3. La Rentrée 2017
  4. Faculty’s Most Generous Donors Honoured at Homecoming
  5. Coffeehouse in the Big Apple

Top 5 des billets les plus republiés sur Twitter (@LawMcGill)

Top 5 des nouvelles les plus populaires sur Facebook (@LAWMcGill)

Top 5 2017 Facebook posts Top 5 2017 Facebook posts

  1. If you are a graduate student at a US Law School who has been affected by the USA’s Muslim Ban and are interested in studying law at McGill University, email gradadmissions.law@mcgill.ca. We are welcoming late applications from international law students rethinking plans to do graduate studies in the US.
  2. In a new ranking by subject, Times Higher Education declared McGill University the 13th best place to study law worldwide.
  3. So proud of our students today
  4. Last Friday, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna, LLB’99, was back at her alma mater to kick off her #CampusClimate campaign with a multidisciplinary panel on climate change and the economy
  5. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Aaron Mills (Waabishki Ma’iingan, Baatwetang) as Assistant Professor. He will join the Faculty in August 2018, and his teaching will include an introduction to Indigenous constitutionalism

Top 5 des images les plus appréciées sur Instagram (@LawMcGill)

Top 5 2017 Instagram photos

  1. Sheilah Martin appointed to Supreme Court of Canada
  2. Ms Justine Blair giving the Valedictorian address for Law’s Convocation
  3. The Maxwell Cohen Moot Court was overflowing with new faces for the annual welcome of our new students.
  4. Fall is finally showing its colours at the Faculty! 🍁
  5. In town for Homecoming? Be ready for a pleasant surprise if you drop by Chancellor Day Hall.