Be a judge at the new Chancellor Day Cup moot

 On Saturday, March 24, the McGill Law Mooting Association will be inaugurating a new annual mooting competition, the Chancellor Day Cup. The organizing committee is looking for alumni, professors, and upper year students with experience in mooting to judge the event.

All interested can contact Laura Liston, VP Marketing – McGill Law Mooting Association, at for more information.

Sandra NishikawaLa Cour supérieure de justice [de l’Ontario] augmente sa capacité bilingue

Gérard Lévesque, L’Express, 22 février 2018

Le 15 février dernier, la juriste trilingue Sandra Nishikawa, BCL’97, LLB’97, a été assermentée en tant que juge de la Cour supérieure de justice de l’Ontario à Toronto.

Avant d’accéder à la magistrature, elle était avocate à la Commission ontarienne des droits de la personne. En plus des deux langues officielles des tribunaux de l’Ontario, madame la juge Nishikawa maîtrise également la langue japonaise. Lire la suite »

Blockchain Solution For Land Registry Woe

Marvin ColebyNatario Mckenzie, Tribune 242, 21 February 2018

Blockchain technology could provide the solution for an efficient digitised land registry according to Bahamian blockchain entrepreneur and attorney Marvin Coleby, BCL/LLB’16, adding that it could make land more accessible to Bahamians and residents, simplify land transactions and transform the crown land application process.

Coleby is co-founder of Raise, a blockchain firm building an investment platform for funding businesses and social responsibility Keep reading »

‘Being big and Black makes it hard to breathe in Canada too’: Why ‘I can’t breathe’ isn’t a foreign phenomenon

Anthony MorganAnthony Morgan, Out in the Open – CBC, 18 February 2018

“From where I sat, Eric Garner’s death looked like a lynching” Anthony Morgan, BCL/LLB’12, wrote in an essay reflecting on how the man’s last words “I can’t breathe” changed his work and his advocacy as a Black man living in Canada. Listen to the essay »

In other news, Morgan was featured in a blog post by Ron Fanfair, recognizing Morgan for setting example for aspiring jurists.

John Gomery: la vie passionnante d’un homme prudent

John GomeryJohn Gomery, Les grand entretiens – Radio-Canada, 12 février 2018

La Commission Gomery, dernière mission professionnelle du juge John Gomery, BCL’56, a permis à ce dernier de jouer un rôle majeur dans l’histoire récente du Canada. Il a mené l’imposante opération à sa manière : obstinée et prudente. « J’ai toujours pensé, dit-il, que l’homme idéal est prudent et mesuré, un bon père de famille, tel que celui évoqué dans l’ancien Code civil. J’ai calqué ma vie sur ce modèle. Écouter l’entrevue »

NDLR: Focus online avait interviewé l’hon. John Gomery en février 2013: relisez The Insider.

Investigating Pot Laws

Annamaria EnenajorWith Annamaria Enenajor, The Agenda, 8 February 2018

The federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana starts by decriminalizing it. But even as that legislative effort goes ahead, there are many people currently incarcerated for activities that will soon be legal.

Those facts raise some tough questions about fairness, and may also give some ground for legal action. The Agenda welcomed criminal and constitutional lawyer Annamaria Enenajor, BCL/LLB’12, to discuss this issue. Watch the interview »