Trusting Civil Law

A at the Faculty of Law examined the what and how of trusts, those legal relationships in which property is held...
12 October 2010

Faculty voices

A recurring column presenting select excerpts from Faculty members’ comments on events in the news. : Professor William Tetley on the 40th anniversary...
12 October 2010

Parentage is about more than DNA

on the Pratten case in Vancouver: "emphasis on genetic heritage central to her claims and others like it exemplifies a troubling trend that...
28 October 2010

Research profile: Giorgio Resta

Giorgio Resta, professor of comparative law and visiting professor at the Faculty of Law, sits down with inFocus reporter Victoria Leenders-Cheng to talk...
15 October 2010

The next big moral movement?

McGill students argue that animal law is an increasingly important legal subject. Their work, along with that of three other McGill alumni, is...
13 October 2010

Lire: Rare Books FAQ

Some misconceptions and frequently asked questions about the Law Library Rare Books room by Svetlana Kochkina Misconceptions Belief: Nobody is allowed to use...
12 October 2010

Recent events at the Faculty

from student events and faculty conferences for the first month of the 2010 fall session.
12 October 2010

La Salle des livres rares de la Bibliothèque de droit Nahum Gelber dévoile ses secrets et ses beautés.
11 October 2010

Flying into the Future: Aviation in 2050

Aviation is a very carbon-intensive transport mode. Without readily available technological solutions to its carbon intensity and with fleet renewal lead-in times averaging...
24 August 2010

Supreme Court Advocacy Institute

The Supreme Court Advocacy Institute provides free, non-partisan advocacy advice to lawyers appearing in an appeal before the Supreme Court of Canada. Co-executive...
30 June 2010